What should we do and Whites Get Judge to Retaliate Against Black

What should we do about people who deny Blacks “fair housing” and “full and equal privileges, services, and accommodations?”



Whites Get Judge to Retaliate Against Black Who Complained of racism. Will you be next?



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As told to Congressperson Karen Bass: “LA Rent Control (RAC) and Permits (LADBS)”. News of this blog site appeared Wednesday March 29 in the San Diego Reader, ad on page 14 [readership 367,500) and news of this site appeared yesterday March 30 in the USC Daily Trojan housing guide 2017 advertising supplement [Los Angeles], page S12. Thank you to those two publications.

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LA Rent Control (RAC) and Permits (LADBS)


Will the real terrorists stand up?

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Muslims Are Not Terrorists: A Factual Look at Terrorism and Islam

Los Angeles Housing Segregation like Houston?

Racial housing segregation in Houston is no accident. It is not voluntary on the part of Houstonians of color. It is the result of decades of intentional government action. When it comes to government-subsidized housing, segregation in Houston is largely unchanged since the days of Jim Crow. Finally, the federal government has told Houston municipal leaders that […]

via Sweeping federal investigation finds City of Houston’s housing segregation violates Civil Rights Act — Texas Housers