Parking worsens at Hi Point Faircrest Heights 90035

Update April 1, 2017

Los Angeles- Just when you thought things were bad enough, they will be worse in the Pico-Saturn area of Faircrest Heights for those who street park. And city officials are no where in sight to help as usual.

Ideally on a construction site, parking for construction crews should be on the property, not on the street. But in Los Angeles if you notice whenever you see a new building go up, all street parking surrounding the project is unavailable to the public. This can change if residents complain.

In this area. on almost all the surrounding streets, building after building is coming down. During construction,  parking is eliminated. After construction, the street parking is never replaced, thanks to Mayor Eric Garcetti and his clan. At the corner of Hi Point and Pickford, at least two houses are gone on the east side of Hi Point and another will go on the west side of Hi Point. At the corner of Hi Point and Saturn, on the east side of Hi Point three houses will be demolished while on the west side of Hi Point corner Saturn another house will go. About 20-30 parking spaces will be eliminated in the next 6 months or so, and that will leave no street parking and car owners will be scrambling to park blocks away from Hi Point maybe onto Saturn or Hayworth or Crescent Heights. And parking will get worse. For those tenants who live on Hi Point between Saturn and Pickford,

there will soon not be enough parking at all.

That is why the city RAC regulations value parking at $200 per stall per month in this area if rent control parking is reduced or removed [if you can get the city corrupt HCIDLA to enforce and rule in the tenant’s favor,  which is like pulling all your teeth out at once] .

So if you have onsite parking right now, hold onto it. Planning to move into this area? Not a good time unless you are buying a new property. The older properties are being targeted for demolition.

The city Los Angeles government should have a plan to reimburse owners who lose street parking to inconsiderate and corrupt developers.

The city Los Angeles government should have a plan that requires developers to replace a certain amount of street parking lost to new developments.

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