What Filip, Jade, and Matt Don’t Want You to Know About Hi Point Apts

2017-5-6 Racism for rent sign 1522


Los Angeles 90035- Thinking of leasing at 1522 Hi Point Apartments, you might want to browse this site and videos about this address and the management company. Williams Real Estate Advisors [“WREA”], mailing address 11693 San Vicente Blvd, Brentwood, California—-employees Filip, Jade, and Matt—don’t want you to know certain things about this property including that one tenant died in the building, termites have been reported, and the intercom system is not fully operational; this means that guests who are trying to reach tenants that do not do not have a working intercom may be disturbing your peaceful enjoyment. Worse, tenants may buzz people into the building who they do not know just to get them to stop ringing the buzzer. The building will continue to have water and electric shut downs as the owner struggles to primary renovate three additional units. Oh, they did not tell you? WREA’s main office is in Santa Monica.

2017-7-3 Cropped Protest Sign Barrington
Protestors at Williams Real Estate Advisors at 11693 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90049 [Brentwood] 90049

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