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[Editor Note: Also see Youtube Videos on this subject at   Discrimination and Corruption Los Angeles Housing Department ]

[Editor Note: A good number of people I speak with are misinformed about the protections under the civil rights laws. Most people are aware of and quote the law regarding disparate impact or treatment which applies if a group is discriminated against, as in group of Asians, Latinos, or Blacks. That kind of direct discrimination rarely exists these days. But there are other less known protections: discrimination can also be indirect or consequential, discrimination can occur because a person was retaliated against for complaining. The right of the individual to be protected against discrimination against can be found in certain states like the California Unruh act which states: “All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever.” See also the Equal rights and equal protections laws or Constitutional amendments. So the next time someone tries to tell you that you do not have a discrimination claim, you may want to educate them on the other types of civil rights protections that protect the individual from discrimination and retaliation.]

What is this site about?

Fair Housing

Federal, state, and local laws mandate the enforcement of fair housing. This site’s purpose is to show the housing rights of groups as well as individuals and how those rights can be enforced by government or the courts, or corrupted by government or the courts. This site is about equal protection, equal rights, constitutional rights, freedom from retaliation, government mandatory duties, institutionalized racism, housing services such as parking and intercom services, and the monetary value of housing services. This site quotes many communications to public officials to show the diligence that is needed to assure civil rights protections. But the communications also show many times the futility of contacting government agencies,  and the misuse of tax dollars by government employees. What triggered the current dispute is ownership change in 2014 of 1522 Hi Point St Apartments 90035 to Hi Point Apts, LLC and Abady Holdings Inc. [supposedly a collaboration of lawyers and Judges investors] and manager Walter Barratt [of Scotland], and management company LB Property Management of Sherman Oaks. The owner forced primarily Black tenants from tandem parking to single stalls ignoring those who needed two car parking. Six tandem stalls set vacant for two months with the owner reserving them for presumably tenants who would be all white. [Sound familiar?] Second, the owner started repairing/replacing intercoms but skipped primarily Black tenants, the owner refusing to make the city government required rent reduction due to lack of repairs and refusing primarily Black tenants the city required THP application and required relocation monies of $10,000 to $19,000 per about nine affected tenants. [The city government has the authority to make repairs and bill the owner]. Third, of course the city, state governments have consistently sided with the owner and  continued to deny housing services to a Black tenant who calls their actions “retaliation”; the Black —-after over two years— [while white tenants move in an out and receive immediate intercom] is still denied maintenance/replacement to his intercom, and while there are two extra parking stalls in the 18 unit building but 20 total stalls– still denied a two car stall. The owner and the city refuse to answer what are the non-discriminatory qualifications for receiving an intercom, parking stall, and rent reimbursements/reductions.

In this fight to assure fair housing, no apology will be given for the high volume of documentation that often seems necessary. Housing discrimination is big business, and as long as the government profits from discrimination complaints, discrimination will continue. 

June 20, 2017.  “Garcetti’s Racist Housing Inspectors Refuse to Order Intercom Repair”. Code enforcement complaints to LAHCID and LADBS Los Angeles

June 19, 2017. Updated other site. The monsters are due on Hi Point Street. See pink?

June 19 2017. New Page other site.  As seen on Youtube- War on Hi Point

June 15, 2017. Updated Page. “Will the Culver City developers of the Pinks bring more of the same racism to Hi Point Street?” The monsters are due on Hi Point Street. See pink?

June 11, 2017. New page 2nd site. The monsters are due on Hi Point Street. See pink?

June 9, 2017. Updated. “Williams Real Estate Advisors Management Team Takes Over Racism Duties at Hi Point Apartments” Discriminated against by Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

June 8, 2017. New Page. Police told of hate crimes at 1522 Hi Point

June 7, 2017. New page. Garcetti’s Third Reich Retaliates

May 1 thru May 18. Updated Communications with city employees

May 8, 2017. Updated page “…The faces of ugly segregation under Mayor Eric Garcetti— Racists stand their ground against entitlement of Black Tenant to Civil Rights …” Communications with city employees

May 7, 2017. Updated Page. Email Questions Mayor Eric Garcetti on Housing Racism and Corruption. Communications with city employees

May 7, 2017. New Page. Other News: City Corruption: Garcetti and Galardi Admit City Employees did not follow due process procedures for THP renovations. More traffic on the way

May 1, 2017. New Page. Discriminated against by Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

April 28 -29 2017. [other site] White privilege emails. Racism at 1522 Hi Point St 90035

April 24, 2017. New page other site.  Vote ‘No’ on C

April 10, 2017. Klan Imperial Wizard David Whitehurst Retaliates Against Black Tenant Who Complained of Racism  Communications with city employees

April 9, 2017. New page.  Racial retaliation at Hi Point Apts and trying to reason with the Ku Klux Klan    1522 Hi Point St voicemails

April 7, 2017. Asbestos Poisoning at Hi Point Apts: Come On Down. Tenant news 1522 Hi Point Apartments

April 7, 2017. News of this site link appears Mar 29 2017 and Mar 30 2017 in the San Diego Reader and USC Daily TrojanAs Seen On Other Social Media

April 5, 2017. Updated . Is Hi Point Apts Mayor Garcetti’s Tuskegee experiment on Blacks? Where’s Walter?

April 2, 2017. New page. Constitutional law case 16-56497

April 1, 2017. New page. Parking worsens at Hi Point Faircrest Heights 90035

April 1, 2017. Update TOC. What is this site about? [above]

April 1, 2017. Updated The question is: what protections is Garcetti talking about? Los Angeles Affordable Housing and Rent Control

March 27, 2017. Updated Complaints Code enforcement complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035

March 27, 2017. New page Los Angeles Affordable Housing and Rent Control

March 27, 2017. Mayor Garcetti’s City Employees Robert Galardi and David Whitehurst Admit City’s Racist and Corrupt THP Scam. Racism at 1522 Hi Point St 90035

March 26, 2017. Mayor Garcetti’s City Employees Robert Galardi and David Whitehurst Admit City’s Racist and Corrupt THP Scam. Racism at 1522 Hi Point St 90035

March 21, 2017. “So the tenants were coughing, gagging, eyes watering, headache.”City Involvement in Unsafe Work Practices  Who to contact for health and safety complaints

March 20, 2017. Picture Protestors at Rent Control. Tenant buyouts lead to protests and Mayor Eric Garcetti signs new laws

March 19, 2017“Boy, this is Klan Territory”  Communications with city employees

March 18, 2017. Updated  “Mayor Garcetti’s Goons claim they cannot see these pictures.” Pictures at 1522

March 17, 2017. Updated “Racism and Corruption: Los Angles City Inspector Says He Will Not Perform His Job Duties”. Communications with city employees

March 16, 2017. Updated “Jackie Lacey, et al, stop bullshitting the people of Los Angeles”. LA County District Attorney Told of Illegal Buyouts-No Response- Requests Licenses be revoked

March 15, 2017. Updated “Every tenant in Los Angeles should understand their rights, especially in a tight housing market, and landlords should know their responsibilities,” said Mayor Garcetti. Communications with city employees

March 13 2017. Updated  “Mayor Eric Garcetti supposedly told a city employee that the Black tenant did not need an intercom housing service, that he could just stick his head out the window and holler.” Code enforcement complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035

March 13 2017. Updated Where’s Walter?

March 10, 2017. Update  Communications with city employees

March 8, 2017. Email to Mayor Garcetti and Others. Communications with city employees

March 5, 2017. Inside Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Idea of “Fair” Housing. Communications with city employees

Feb. 18 2017. New Page. Where’s Walter?

Feb. 17, 2017. Updated other site page.  Communications with city employees

Feb. 15 2017. New page  “… The LA Times has uncovered major corruption now being investigated by  our LA district attorney.” [voter pamphlet]. The March 7 Election is Coming

February 11, 2017. Updated.  Workers Violate Primary Renovation Hours courtesy Mayor Eric Garcetti.   Pictures at 1522

February 9, 2017. Updated again. “What kind of animals are you? STOP THE BULLSHIT, LBPM/Hi Point Apts, LLC!” Communications to LB Property Management- do they comprehend English?

February 9, 2017. Updated Communications to LB Property Management- do they comprehend English?

February 9, 2017. Updated Code enforcement complaints re 1522 Hi Point Street 90035

February 9, 2017. Updated  Communications with city employees

February 8, 2017. New Page.  LA County District Attorney Told of Illegal Buyouts-No Response- Requests Licenses be revoked

January 31, 2017. Updated ...the city is basically saying “we don’t give a  f _ __k about the tenants” or about the rent control laws…For tenants: what are the hours of primary renovations?

January 27, 2017. Updated If the Terrorists Aren’t Muslim, then who are they?  Hiding in plain sight.. Helpful links . This article says the majority of terrorists are Jewish.

January 24 2017. New page For tenants: what are the hours of primary renovations?

January 16, 2017. Updated page with “…why wasn’t the rent stabilization department doing the THP and Ellis monitoring in the first place?”Tenant buyouts lead to protests and Mayor Eric Garcetti signs new laws

January 16, 2017. Updated Page with “Does your rent agreement talk about housing services and say “including but not limited to”?”Illegal rents and change in terms

January 13, 2017. Updated page LA County Le Taun J. Cotton was notified of illegal tenant buyouts

January 13, 2017. New page is coming in a few days: “Anatomy of Corruption”

January 12, 2017. New page LA County Le Taun Cotton was notified of illegal buyouts

January 11, 2017. New page Who to contact for health and safety complaints

January 11, 2017. New page Illegal rents and change in terms

January 8, 2017. New page “Tenant buyouts lead to protests.”  Click here

January 4, 2017. Unsafe electrical problems at 1522 Hi Point Apartments.  Click here for tenant news alerts

January 2 2017. Updated Page LB Property Management Forces Illegal Rent on Tenants? Click here for Tenant News Alerts

December 27 2016. The State of California ‘shall not discriminate’ is a mandatory duty.  And more pictures. Click here

December 26, 2016. New page “Come on down to unsanitary conditions at Hi Point Apartments“. Click here

December 21, 2016. Customers Criticize Hi Point Apts, LLC agent. Click here

December 17, 2016. Updated bottom of page Tenant News Alert “unsafe work practices: what will whites continue to be subjected to?” Click here

December 16, 2016. New page “How does a Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite Black American qualify for an intercom?” Click here

December 16, 2016. New page “How long? Not long“. Click here

December 13, 2016. New page “How does a Ham-Jew-DNA-Kushite Black American qualify for parking?” Click here

December 13, 2016. Updated “Links” page. “Why is a tenant entitled to privacy?’ Click here

December 3, 2016. Updated Part II Tenant News see bottom of page [Property Owner Asks Tenant to Give Up Rights from Beginning of World] . Click here

November 27, 2016. Updated at bottom of page. “LB Property Management Named in Civil Rights Case” Click here

November 24, 2016. New page added. Part II Tenant news alertsClick here

November 22, 2016. Tenant News Alerts page updated.  Click here

November 19 2016. New page other site:  “LB Property Management Named in Civil Rights Case” Click here

October 14, 2016. Updated page “Helpful links.” Attorneys retaliate against Black who complained. “Defendants Vow Retaliation Against Black who claimed Racism and Terrorism” . Click here for the page

Updated October 8, 2016. “Attorney Links Terrorism Case to Racism at Hi Point Apts”. “Tenant News Alerts” page click here

August 21 2016. Contractor complaint filed against Phoenician Construction. Click here

August 4 2016. [other site] Update DFEH page “Racists Among Us at the DFEH” click here

July 4 2016. New page Move to Faircrest Heights? Yes or No
July 3 2016. Click here to see three new pages:

June 11 2016 complaint against DFEH

June 21 2016 LARSO Complaint

June 28 2016 Email re Voicemails

June 14 2016. Communications to Karen Bass page updated. Click here

June 10 2016. Helpful links. Los Angeles Faircrest Heights apartment owner admits discrimination against Blacks says Department Fair Employment and Housing. Click here

June 5 2016. Helpful links: DFEH Charged with Racism.  Click here

More helpful information at this site or click link Racism Terrorism and Federal Funds

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