Part II Tenant news alerts 1522 Hi Point St 90035

Update October 28, 2017

Los Angeles- Looks like new tenants moving in today. What can we say that the owner has probably not told them?

  • The security gate frequently stops working.
  • In the coming months, due to demolition and construction at various nearby addresses, especially corner Hi Point and Saturn, there will be lots of noise and dust with contractors on site from about 7 a.m. to 9 pm and this construction and noise will take months.
  • Three units at 1522 Hi Point will soon undergo primary renovations again exposing tenants to construction noise and dust and lead and asbestos hazards. Tenants will track asbestos dust from the parking lot and hallways into their apartments. Illnesses from asbestos can take years to show up.
  • Housing discrimination complaints are still pending against this property with all tenants named in the complaints as a matter of public record. The names of any new tenants will probably be added to all complaints.
  • The housing service intercom system is still not fully operational which means guests of new tenants will inadvertently use the working intercoms to gain access to tenants with non-working intercoms.
  • It is court papers,  the City of Los Angeles and the State of California compared 1522 Hi Point St Apts to terrorism cases. [The court papers detail a former tenant and US Air Force employee who wrote that “terrorists” lived at 1522 Hi Point St.]
  • What is with the Dogs? First, the resident manager runs a dog boarding business out of her apartment which according to the city is illegal; second, no dogs are allowed on the property common areas unless accompanied by owner [which is frequently not the case] and a tenant cannot have any dogs not listed on the original rent agreement [which frequently is not followed]. According to city rent control regulations, the resident manager is a “housing service” for all tenants [regardless of race, sex, nationality, etc. ] and the manager is responsible for maintaining the premises, for which she has refused to have the intercoms repaired.
  • The newbies may experience one of the same issues that caused old tenants to move out : ants and termites.

Good luck new tenants!

[History lesson: Do you know how many Blacks were killed in the Holocaust?]

[Editor: Even though this page says “part II”, it is in no particular order to page “Tenant news alerts 1522 Hi Point”. I just wanted to make a separate page. If my thoughts seem jumbled, it is the stress of living under racist conditions.]

Update June 21 2017

2017-6-21 Tenant Flyer re YT
Tenant News Hi Point St 90035 June 22 2017

Standing in the Schoolhouse Door

“On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its decision regarding the case called Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, in which the plaintiffs charged that the education of black children in separate public schools from their white counterparts was unconstitutional. Brown v. Board of Education meant that the University of Alabama had to be desegregated. In the years following, hundreds of African-Americans applied for admission, but with one brief exception, all were denied. The University worked with police to find any disqualifying qualities, or when this failed, intimidated the applicants. But in 1963, three African-Americans —Vivian Malone Jones, Dave McGlathery and James Hood—applied. In early June a federal district judge ordered that they be admitted, and forbade Governor Wallace from interfering. The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door took place at Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama on June 11, 1963. George Wallace, the Democratic Governor of Alabama, in a symbolic attempt to keep his inaugural promise of “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” and stop the desegregation of schools, stood at the door of the auditorium to try to block the entry of two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood. On June 11, Malone and Hood pre-registered in the morning at the Birmingham courthouse. They selected their courses and filled out all their forms  there. They arrived at Foster Auditorium to have their course loads reviewed by advisors and pay their fees. They remained in their vehicle as Wallace, attempting to uphold his promise as well as for political show, blocked the entrance to Foster Auditorium with the media watching. Then, flanked by federal marshals, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach told Wallace to step aside. However, Wallace interrupted Katzenbach and gave a speech on states’ rights. Katzenbach called President John F. Kennedy, who federalized the Alabama National Guard. Four hours later, Guard General Henry Graham commanded Wallace to step aside, saying, “Sir, it is my sad duty to ask you to step aside under the orders of the President of the United States.” Wallace then spoke further, but eventually moved, and Malone and Hood completed their registration.” Wikipedia

According to election 2016 campaign flyers, of which [BLACK MAN]  as a tenant is prohibited by the owner from posting on his apartment door and window, the State of California receives $3 billion dollars [three billion dollars] in federal matching funds.

Standing in the Apartmenthouse Door

“why don’t they defendants to save the Court’s time just Lynch The Nigger Black tenant”

As of October 22, 2016, all DEFENDANTS, in particular WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, INC., thru their current motion, or as joined or not, and as agents for HI POINT APTS, LLC, stand in the apartment house door to obstruct BLACK MAN from the housing services of intercom, maintenance, tandem parking stall, and rent reductions and reimbursements, and other damages as alleged in the FAC and required under federal, state, and local statute.

From an internet article on New York: “Legally speaking, if your building as at least eight apartments, your landlord has to install a self-closing, self-locking front door as well as an intercom system that allows you to communicate with—and buzz in—guests, according to city regulations housed on the delightfully literal “Rules of the City of New York” website.  What’s more, if you’re the victim of a crime because of a door that’s unlocked due to a broken buzzer, your landlord could be held liable, per the New York Attorney General’s tenants’ rights guide.”

From Huntington Beach California[government] website: “Electrical Inspection. Underground: After conduit or cable has been installed in trench but not covered. Rough wiring: Before any part of the work is concealed and prior to framing inspection. Telephone, television, intercom, security, doorbell and thermostat cable need to be in place for rough inspection. Compliance with Title 24 Requirements for Residential Lighting is checked.” [emphasis added].

In 1963, George Wallace was a white person, much like Walter Barratt, and Cliff Renfrew, and all the Defendants and their agents, who thought that he had a legitimate reason for his actions of Racism. But George Wallace was more than a white, more than a local, county, or state government official practicing discrimination, Wallace was the Governor of the State of Alabama who had to be restrained by federal action  [to stop] …his efforts to deny to individual Black Americans the “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation”.

According to defendant WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, INC., stated on the internet, or otherwise, between 2014-2015, every apartment comes with an intercom at Hi Point Apartments. This is based on ads that WILLIAMS placed on the internet, or instructed others to place on the internet, and as seen by PLAINTIFF BLACK MAN  on the internet.

According to WILLIAMS ads placed, or by communications to prospective tenants,  every apartment at HI POINT APARTMENTS is provided with a tandem parking stall.

Under federal and state law plaintiff has the right to ask for “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation”, without the threat of retaliation from Williams.

By its own advertising on the internet, Williams has admitted that the plaintiff is entitled to an intercom and a tandem parking stall. These advertisements indicate Williams liability in the lawsuit.

By August 2014 and conspiracy with the property owner Williams is one of the primary architects of housing discrimination along with the city as alleged in the facts to be proven by Discovery and testimony at. Trial.

That Williams did not tell applicants about the inadequate asbestos inspection. That Williams did not tell applicants that all intercoms are not working that Williams did not tell all applicants that a rent reduction has been denied due to resident manager. That Williams did not tell applicants about no THP’s  [“tenant habitability plans” designed to protect the health and safety of all tenants]

That Williams did not tell applicants about the history of the building. That Williams did not tell applicants about the resident manager labor complaint. That Williams did not tell applicants about the terrorist allegations. That Williams did not tell applicants about the discrimination claims.

The Internet ads by Williams state …that every apartment comes… with an intercom. The ads by Williams stated that every apartment comes with a tandem parking stall. When Williams received emails from PLAINTIFF about the parking and the tandem stall in the advertisements , PLAINTIFF was ignored.

Williams was a part of the conspiracy with the owner against plaintiff right from the beginning 2014 because Williams had actual and constructive knowledge of the conditions of all intercoms and the conditions of the tandem parking stalls. The evidence is in the Internet ads placed by Williams.

Plaintiff wonders why don’t they defendants to save the Court’s time just Lynch The Nigger Black tenant; is that not Williams intent.

Williams has participated in a criminal conspiracy to take tenants rent money by … negligently misrepresenting their rights under civil code [1940.4]  District Attorney Jackie Lacey has been contacted. Williams has used its state granted corporate license and business permit for conducting unlawful activity to …conceal applicants’ right to post flyers under civil code 1940.4. HP has also participated in this criminal taking of rent monies for purposes of unlawfully violating tenant rights under civil code 1940.4.

Williams had knowledge of the parking stalls and intercom, Williams engaged in the conspiracy with the owner to deny rights to the plaintiff as evidenced by the… emails to Williams.

“why doesn’t Williams just send out the KKK to …[kill] the plaintiff”

Rather than file a frivolous motion for vexation why doesn’t Williams just send out the KKK to …[kill] the plaintiff where he lay, wouldn’t that be less time consuming.

The filing of such motion by Williams indicates the continuing unlawful retaliation by Williams prohibited under which laws in the FAC [first amended complaint] , the “chilling effect”  found in Nazi Germany.

That Williams does not tell applicants to the property, and did not respond to the plaintiff, that if tenants sign the rental agreement they will be required to engage an unlawful conspiracy to violate the rights of other tenants under civil code 1940.4.

Many of the relevant facts against Williams and also an investigation into the agreement between Williams and Hi Point owner would be discovered through the discovery process so if the court had allowed [BLACK MAN] Fair opportunity to engage in  Discovery at this point.

[The above was excerpted from court document 93, filed 10/24/2016, page ID 2346-2354; Los Angeles Central District Case CV16-03236 JLS, filed May 11, 2016.] Judge Andrew J. Wistrich and Judge Julie L. Staton.

[WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, INC. is an agent of HI POINT APTS, LLC. and licensed by the STATE OF CALIFORNIA to practice unlawful discrimination and retaliation against BLACKS.]

[Editor notes: ]

* In case you are wondering, what is the impact on the rent you pay, if your apartment is under rent control, and a housing service is denied or removed? Parking, for example, according to the city of Los Angeles rent adjustment regulations, can be valued at $200 per month. [This is not intended to be a reflection of rights to damages under other state or federal laws.] Thus applied to this case, if a parking stall has been removed that would total $200 x 24 months = $4800.00 and possible treble damages for a total of  $14,400.00. If you contract a lawyer and seek punitive damages, that denial of parking stall could be worth much more. Not intended as legal advice. The city regulations also say, I suppose intended to keep all of us safe and equal, that if the property owner does not give a rent reduction, then the tenant is paying an “illegal rent”.

* Fight or leave? Stay or turn the other cheek? There is a cost either way.

* Most people who hear the word “terrorism” will be on alert and many would move out of an area. But of course people’s safety cannot be self-protected unless they are actually told about the risks.

* The intercom system in the building, for example, runs throughout the building into every apartment. If one unit in one apartment does not work, doesn’t that effect everyone’s safety? That could be a reason to be concerned as a tenant. I want to protect tenant’s safety so I won’t mention other aspects of the intercom system but I will just say that tenants realize what other ways the public will resort to getting into the building if the intercom does not work. Those other ways may expose tenants to the risk of unsafe conditions.

* You can read the websites of the State, County, and local governments and they all paint this glowing picture of what the government is supposed to do to help tenants but in reality those websites, and many times the laws, are the BIG LIE.

* The city government of Los Angeles tacked a rent increase onto the rent of four remaining tenants to pay for upgrades to the intercom “system” even though those four tenants [including a senior citizen, and Asian woman and child] do not have a working intercom.         Corruption under Mayor Eric Garcetti.

* I suggest you spend a day in the public law library and read up on the laws. You might be surprised. Of course reading about your rights is not the same thing as having those rights enforced.

* It does not take but a few minutes to write an email or letter, or make a phone call, and say “my intercom does not work” [an intercom being the same housing service as a stove or refrigerator] or say “how do I get one of those extra parking stalls?” In a civilized state, the answers to this questions might come immediately but when you are up against the likes of the Ku Klux Klan, and their sympathizers, the not so hidden answer will be “No Blacks Allowed” to housing services of maintenance, parking , rent reductions.

* If not for that persistent racism and retaliation in America, will conditions ever improve for Black Americans?

* “During the Holocaust, Nazis referred to Jews as rats. Hutus involved in the Rwanda genocide called Tutsis cockroaches. Slave owners throughout history considered slaves subhuman animals. In Less Than Human, David Livingstone Smith argues that it’s important to define and describe dehumanization, because it’s what opens the door for cruelty and genocide.”

Update December 3,  2016

Primary Renovations rent control may entitle tenants to $$$$$$- Don’t be cheated by the lying landlord

1522 Hi Point Apartments [90035] Los Angeles- The owner and his agents [Walter Barratt, Cliff Renfrew, Williams Real Estate Advisors, Inc., LB Property Management, Inc. et al] have a habit, in the conspiracy with government employees, of not complying with the rent stabilization regulations. Many tenants who moved out were never served with the THP. This article shall specifically apply to tenants who live in a rent control building [like Hi Point Apartments] and whose apartment may face primary renovations.

The owner has renovated many apartments around you. He announced by letter that all apartments would face renovations. He applied for city permits to renovate your apartment. You are aware that under rent control, under certain circumstances, you are entitled to relocation monies if you decide to permanently relocate. Now the owner is trying to get you to move out but he has not served you with the required tenant habitability plan [“THP”] but instead he is offering you a small sum of money for you to move out and sign away any other rights. He wants you to sign away all rights from the “beginning of the world”. Should you do it?

  1. On paper, rent control is designed to help the tenant as well as the landlord. But in practice many landlords do not follow the procedures because they know that the city, county, and state governments will either conspire with them to injure the tenant or that government will ignore tenant complaints. Primary renovations procedures is a convoluted piece of local legislation that kicks in if the renovations will take over 30 days and if so, then the tenant must be offered permanent relocation monies. Part of the Los Angeles Municipal code makes it illegal to not serve the THP. [See below*]. In this case all the renovations to other apartments are taking about 60 days. You must be served with the THP application which will preserve your rights and a copy must be served on the city government.
  2. In the THP application, it will detail that the repairs will take longer than 30 days and makes your unit uninhabitable. You will have the choice to temporarily relocate at the expense of the owner, or within 15 days choose to sign for the permanent relocation monies. [If you decide to temporarily relocate, the owner can raise your rent 10% but only for two years, so you could get a brand new apartment basically for the same price as the old apt.] The amount of permanent relocation monies is something like this [based on city rent control document “Primary Renovation Program Facts”]:  Under 3 years $7,900; over 3 years = $10,400. Or if 62 years old, handicapped, or living with dependent child, the amounts become for under three years $16,650 and over 3 years $19,700.
  3. Should you give up your right to the THP? No.Because the THP protects your rights.*
  4. Should you waive all other rights other than the THP? No because the THP protects your rights.*
  5. What if the owner offers you more than the THP amounts to move out? Highly unlikely but if so, ask for separate agreements with the THP amounts in one, and the other money in another agreement.*
  6. So the owner has offered you $7785.00 but you have lived there over 3 years. The owner is cheating you out of $2615. But wait a minute, you also have a child under 18 years old,  so the owner has cheated you out of $19,700-$7785 = $11915 plus you may be entitled to double damages or $39,400. 
  7. So would you rather have:  $7785 or $39,400 ?

According to city documents“If the landlord does not provide permanent relocation assistance, the tenant can sue the landlord for damages, in the amount of the unpaid relocation assistance, attorney’s fees and costs. If a landlord fails to carry out his or her obligations under a temporary relocation plan, the tenant can sue the landlord for all actual damages, special damages (twice actual damages or $5,000, whichever is greater), punitive damages (if the failure was intentional), attorney’s fees and court costs.”

So basically, the landlord’s failure to give you the THP in the first place and permanent relocation monies, could subject the landlord to double damages [or some attorneys says treble damages under state law]. If the owner has not given you the THP, then the money they are giving you might not be considered permanent relocation assistance. So they offer you $7,000 to move out, but they haven’t honored your rights to the THP, then you may be still entitled to the relocation monies.


* But if the agreement you signed, that does not mention the THP,  legal? Probably not because [Los Angeles] “Ordinance 176544 Sec 152.07 F. Any agreement, whether written or oral, waiving any of the provisions of this article shall be void as contrary to public policy.” 

What is distressing to this author is not just the numerous landlords that take advantage of tenant’s ignorance of the law, not just the numerous tenants who so willingly give up their rights—-what is upsetting to me is that the very government that is supposed to protect tenant rights is a a participant in the wrongdoing.

If the law says the tenant is entitled to $19,000, and the tenant is too whatever and takes only $7,000, then I say let the government step in to punish the landlord.

[This site does not constitute legal advice. This site is not a substitute for reading the applicable laws and statutes or seeking an attorney for legal advice. You may also wish to consult the local rent control board but they tend to be corrupt and favor the landlords.]

[In the court case CV16-03236 JLS, other attorneys and defendants have linked the Ashcroft v. Iqbal terrorism case to 1522 Hi Point Apartments (90035). The terrorism case is used in court documents by defendants Hi Point Apts, LLC, the State of California, and the City of Los Angeles government and employees Armida Olguin-Flores, Barbara Brascia, Richard Brinson, Charles Garcia, as stated in court document 103, filed 11-7-2016, page ID 2610, paragraph 25. Lawyers for same defendants include Martin Ageson, Robert P. Moore, Mike Feuer, Jared A. Barry. The court judges are Hon Andrew J. Wistrich and Hon. Julie L. Staton.]

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