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Update April 29 2017

At 1522 Stairs in State of Disrepair— Come on down !

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Update March 19 2016

Hi Point Apts is Unsanitary, Substandard, and Unsafe

LA county Public Health Feb 10 2016 have said they have no authority over the wiring in the 1522 Hi Point St 90035 building.

Health and Safety code 17920.3 sections(a)(13) and (d) and (i) give the city and county employees jurisdiction, but as of March 16 talk with city code enforcement, and after over two years of defective security system intercom wiring, government employees maintain they have no jurisdiction under H & S code 17920.3. City employee Richard Brinson, Le Taun J. Cotton, Veronica Bauchman, David Burkhead, Richard Jackson, and Udo O. Nwachuku all claim the city and county employees have no jurisdiction to enforce defective and improperly maintained wiring.

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Since there is general dilapidation abandoned vehicle and improper maintenance of the wiring and construction materials, the Health and Safety code 17920.3 declares the building to be “unsanitary” and “substandard” and “unsafe”.

Tenant security is at risk.

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Updated December 21 2015

Scores of city officials asked about lack of permits: dumb and dumber

Keyword Summary:
No Asbestos Inspection
No plumbing permit
No electrical inspection
No permits No CFO No rent

[Redacted from an email]

Please investigate permits for apt 18 at 1522 Hi Point St –
A Matter of Public Interest Health and Safety
From: [tenant name and email redacted]
Mon 12/21/15 10:38 PM

To: David Greene (david.greene@lacity.org); hcidla_nsp.info@lacity.org (hcidla_nsp.info@lacity.org); LAHD RSO (hcidla.rso@lacity.org); raymond.chan@lacity.org (raymond.chan@lacity.org) Cc: Charles Garcia (charles.v.garcia@lacity.org); councilmember.wesson@lacity.org (councilmember.wesson@lacity.org); Charles Floyd (thefirstjew@yahoo.com); Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd (thekushite@gmail.com); RSO Contact (hcidla.rso.central@lacity.org); Fair Housing Doj (fairhousing@usdoj.gov); Debbie L. Harmon (debbie.l.harmon@hud.gov); mayor.garcetti@lacity.org (mayor.garcetti@lacity.org); Leila Ajalova (lajalova@ph.lacounty.gov); Alan Chen (alchen@ph.lacounty.gov); Justice Department (askdoj@usdoj.gov); Larry Galstian (larry.galstian@lacity.org); Da Lacounty Info (info@da.lacounty.gov); sylvia.lacy@lacity.org (sylvia.lacy@lacity.org); Jeff Paxton (jeff.paxton@lacity.org); raymond.chan@lacity.org (raymond.chan@lacity.org); deron.williams@lacity.org (deron.williams@lacity.org); Rodney Arias (rodney.arias@lacity.org); Lincoln Lee (lincoln.lee@lacity.org); Steve Ongele (steve.ongele@lacity.org); Ifa Kashefi (ifa.kashefi@lacity.org); Karen Penera (karen.penera@lacity.org)

To Whom It May Concern/LADBS:

I have further reviewed the permits for this building. As regards Apt 18, at a Oct 28 2015 hearing, and subsequent November 13 2015 decision by city Andre L. Brown, apt 18 was designated by the city and the property owner as being reserved for tenants apt 9 to move into temporarily during primary renovation of apt 9. During the THP process, I made city employee Charles Garcia aware that the apt 18 appeared to be in the process of being leased out and/or already leased out and that it was a false representation for the owner to claim the apt was available for tenants apt 9. I personally witnessed real estate agents interviewing prospective tenants and I believe there is a new tenant who has moved into apt 18.

At the Oct 28 hearing, the Andre L. Brown refused to allow me to present evidence about apt 18 not being available.

City employee Brown was incorrect

Brown stated in his decision, quite incorrectly and biased, “it is undisputed that the proposed temporary housing unit identified in the THP was acceptable. At the hearing, both the landlord and tenant confirmed that an alternate unit (either #15 or #18) has been identified and the owner will provide moving assistance, floor padding and access to said unit on or before November 15 2015.”

In my oral remarks on the record, unless they were illegally destroyed by the city government, I stated, “no THP for apt 18, no permit clearance, no CFO, illegal occupancy apt 18”. This was all disregarded by the corrupt hearing officer Andre L. Brown and corrupt city employee Charles Garcia. Walter Barratt Hi Point Apts LLC Abady Holdings Owner’s Cliff Renfrew knew at the time of the Oct 28 hearing that apt 18 was not available and also did not have the proper final permits for apt 18 from the code enforcement for legal occupancy. I was voicing on Oct 28 my objections to apt 18 and that could not in any reasonable way be construed to be my “acceptance” of an illegal unit #18 that has not even undergone asbestos and lead inspection.

Were there bed bugs?

I asked in the hearing, “Were there bed bugs in apt 18?”. Brown, Garcia, and the owner did not answer. I have also not been inside of apt 18 after its renovations, thus I would not know if it is comparable or “acceptable” or even have enough cabinet space, etc. The owner has not offered that tenants apt 9 can view and inspect apt 18 as a pre-inspection checklist. The mention of apt 15 as an alternative was new to me at the hearing and thus I could not give my “acceptance” or confirmation because my best information is that apt 15 was and is occupied with tenants and was not available or vacant at the time of the owner’s THP application; nor was apt 18 available since final city government inspection had not occurred by Oct 28 2015 for apt 18.

BLDG ALTER REPAIR PERMIT for apt 18 This permit shows “final” but “partial approval” on Oct 23 2015. Partial as regards the windows and kitchen and bathroom remodel. Permit 15016-30000-19251. Partial.

No permit issued

PLUMBING PERMIT 14042-30000-08909 This permit says “no” as to permit issued. No permit thus no permit approval.

ELECTRICAL PERMIT 15041-30000-13969 This permit refers to apts 1-18 and regards “replace plugs, switches, lights and (1) breaker box.” According to city inspector Richard Schindler there is no record of any inspections, yet he issued a finalized permit on June 19 2015. This permit seems faulty also because (1) the repairs to apt 18 did not start before June 19, in fact they started around September 8 2015 and how could they be finalized before they started and (2) while the permit mentions apts 1-18, in fact, no repairs at all have occurred to apts 5, 8, 9, and 15, so that makes the entire permit process invalid. No permit this no permit approval thus no CFO, as amended (sic).

As I have said many times before, I will comply with the THP with moving into a THP designated apartment temporarily but I will exercise the right to protest moving into an apartment that is not habitable or does not have a certificate of occupancy. The city is jointly and severally liable here.

I don’t think the county public health has the authority to ignore a building that does not have permits and does not have a CFO.

This information is being copied to the Los Angeles Public Environmental Health department so they are aware in their investigations that this building is not habitable due to the lack of proper permits. This is certainly something under the state Health and Safety code that the Los Angeles Public Environmental health should be aware of for the sake of public interest health and safety. This is not the first time the Public Health was made aware of the lack of proper permits at the site. I don’t think the county public health has the authority to ignore a building that does not have permits and does not have a CFO. The city code enforcement and the county public health know the codes are not being followed here by the owner but they just go right along with the corruption and unjust enrichment.

Please investigate and let me know the results of your findings.

All rights reserved.

TENANT [ name and address redacted]

P.S. Media reporters are directed to check out the website for updates on these matters.
c: Los Angeles County District Attorney for criminal prosecution

Updated December 20 2015

Lack of Permits re 1522 Hi Point St 90035

From: [Tenant Name Redacted]

Sent: Sun 12/20/15 2:08 PM

To: Charles Garcia (charles.v.garcia@lacity.org); David Greene (david.greene@lacity.org); councilmember.wesson@lacity.org (councilmember.wesson@lacity.org) Cc: RSO Contact (hcidla.rso.central@lacity.org); hcidla.gmhearings@lacity.org (hcidla.gmhearings@lacity.org); Larry Galstian (larry.galstian@lacity.org); Da Lacounty Info (info@da.lacounty.gov); Jeff Paxton (jeff.paxton@lacity.org); raymond.chan@lacity.org (raymond.chan@lacity.org)

1 attachment 2015-12-20 Fax to mayor re Lack of Permits.pdf (36.9 KB)

To Whom It May Concern:

Here is the text and the PDF of my fax today to Mayor Eric Garcetti and council regards lack of permits and lack of CFO at 1522 Hi Point St.

Please investigate and let me know your results.

P.S. The Los Angeles County District Attorney is contacted re the criminal complaint against the property owner and the LAHCID employees.

[Redacted from Fax sent]


Fax To: Mike Feuer

From: [Tenant name redacted]

Fax: 2139788312

Pages: 1

Re: Permit at 1522

Date: December 20, 2015

Dear Mayor Eric Garcetti and Council:

In order for there to exist certificate of occupancy at this address, there have to be on file all required permits. Out of 18 units, it appears there is no permit on file for some of the smoke detectors, no permit for call outs, no permit for a sprinkler control box, no permits for new windows for four apts, no THP for seven apartments or more. Also Richard Schindler on June 22 2015 issued a final for permit 15041-30000-13969 which applies to apts 1-18; however, the permit is corrupt because apts 5, 8, 9, 15 have not undergone any renovations; please revoke the permit and order the other permits needed.

[tenant name redacted]

[Updated Aug 23 2015]

Do you really want to rent at 1522 Hi Point Street 90035?

Numerous racial discrimination complaints have been filed against the owner of the building.

Numerous code enforcement complaints have been filed against the owner including habitability complaints.

The owners advertises a pet deposit and an air conditioning deposit but those appear to be illegal rent increases as they are not authorized under the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

It has been the owner’s practice over the past year and a half  to either violate tenant rights or ignore tenant complaints.

If you complain to local and state government to have your rights enforced, the government has shown it will either unfairly side with the owner or will ignore your complaints.

Code enforcement has shown by practice that it sides with the owner or ignores the health and safety codes all together.

For about five tenants, the city LAHCID and the owner refused the required rent rebate during the time there was no resident manager.

For about six tenants, the city LAHCID and the owner have refused to provide the required rent rebate due to non-working intercoms.

By ignoring tenant complaints, the owner has violated tenants’  rights to quiet enjoyment of the premises.

The city government granted the owner a rent increase against select tenants even though the owner did not follow city regulations, i.e that certain repairs did not primarily benefit the tenant, the owner did not provide receipts for the labor and materials, and the contractor Reyes Contractors and De La Torre Electric inflated the square feet of the property for the purpose of unjust enrichment.

Primary renovation continues at the property which will disturb tenants quiet enjoyment because the owner and contractor refuse to comply with primary renovation construction hours.

One tenant, an alleged United States Air Force Personnel, has repeatedly harassed other tenants.

The owner has been reported to government officials for practicing discrimination in the assignment of parking stalls.

The owner has refused to file and serve required tenant habitability plans with the city for affected tenants.

Construction crews routinely improperly park in the guest visitor stall.

The owner has been accused of numerous illegal rent increases.

Do you really want to rent at 1522 Hi Point Street 90035?

If you do, here are the numbers to call Owner Walter Barratt (310)895-6693, Manager Marilyn (818)813-2204. Theresa @ Williams Real Estate Advisors 310-402-4455.

[Based on documents seen on the Facebook website of Congresswoman Karen Bass and supplied to other government officials.]


Update December 22 2015

Voicemails accuse Los Angeles County Public Health Inspector Alan Chen of racism over denied housing services.

Click here to hear two of the five voicemails to Chen

This is a picture of the building intercom exterior prior to April 2014. City officials have said the intercom was not there as their basis for denying tenants rent reductions for those whose intercoms not been repaired. In the picture you can clearly see the old intercom which was prior to the current plantation slum landlord Walter Barratt Abady Holdings acquiring the building and re painting it and installing a new intercom but refusing to fix others.

Click here to see the old intercom 1522 prior to 2014. This copy was printed 2015.

1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Hot Pads

1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Trulia

1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Zillow

1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Zumper

1522 Hi Point Street Los Angeles, CA   90035- Redfin

Updated September 19 2016

Los Angeles, California officials say Black tenant perceived as “Nigger” not entitled to full and equal housing privileges. Select tenants are named. United States Central District Court case CV16-03236 JLS. 

Attorneys for the defendants are ATTORNEY FOR COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, AND ALAN CHEN Renee E Jensen     lduarte@fwhb.com, rjensen@fwhb.com; ATTORNEY FOR WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, Inc. Thomas L Watters     twatters@hartwattersandcarter.com;  ATTORNEY FOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA Martin Ageson     martin.ageson@doj.ca.gov, marsha.petty@doj.ca.gov; ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CHARLES GARCIA, BARBARA BRASCIA, RICHARD BRINSON, ARMIDA-OLGUIN FLORES Robert P Moore     robert.p.moore@lacity.org, julie.martinez@lacity.org; ATTORNEY FOR HI POINT APTS, LLC, WALTER BARRATT, CLIFF RENFREW Jared A Barry     jared@barrylawgroup.com   [UPDATED SEPT. 19, 2016]

Lawsuit Against Hi Point Apts, LLC et al.

Racism Hi Point Apts

“Every tenant in Los Angeles should understand their rights, especially in a tight housing market, and landlords should know their responsibilities,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The RSO is the most powerful tool we have to keep families and neighborhoods together, and this ordinance will help protect vulnerable populations — like senior citizens and immigrants — from displacement. As we work to build new affordable housing, we also must make sure that residents know about protections that are already in place.”  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. December 15 2016.

 Making affordable housing opportunities more accessible to Los Angeles residents is core to our mission. If you rent in the City of Los Angeles, your rental unit may be subject to the City’s Rent … You live in affordable housing or luxury housing units exempted by HCIDLA; The rental unit was … To Learn More About the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. The City of Los Angeles has a Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) that protects … of rent increases allowed if approved by the Housing + Community Investment …The City of Los Angeles has a Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) that protects … of rent increases allowed if approved by the Housing + Community Investment …If you own rental property in the City of Los Angeles, it may be subject to the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO). Find out if your property falls under this …Los Angeles Rent Control on Curbed LA. … attorney talks about his experience defending tenants amid Los Angeles’s growing affordable housing crisis. Feb 26, 2017 But a Los Angeles Times examination of recent rentcontrol … a “luxury housing glut” that has “wiped out 22,000 affordable housing units since … Jul 12, 2016 Los Angeles Affordable Housing … In April, the Los Angeles Times revealed that evictions from rentcontrolled units have doubled since 2013. Jan 27, 2016 That’s now a feature you can find via Los Angeles‘ city zoning and planning … rents reasonable as we work to create more affordable housing. Recent studies by the County of Los Angeles Community and Senior … care, and there is a growing demand for affordable senior housing information services. … Each federal, state or local housing or rent subsidy program has regulations and … Dec 27, 2016 Affordable housing or rent control, what’s right for Pasadena? … such as Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Palm … Apr 2, 2016 Looking to cash in on a booming real estate market, Los Angeles property owners are … More than 1000 rentcontrolled apartments were. … eating away at the supply of affordable housing at a time when L.A. has become one Jul 27, 2016 Rent control may not be the right way to tackle rising apartment lease … such as creating more affordable housing units, might be a better option. … like as opposed to the city of Los Angeles, which enacted rent control in 1978.Sep 12, 2014 When tenants cling to their inexpensive rentcontrolled apartments, it’s beneficial …. unjust evictions, and preserved some of our affordable housing stock. … Gross says these kinds of evictions are on the rise in Los Angeles. Apr 23, 2015 New Los Angeles reforms protect affordable housing … Tenants say rentcontrolled units are disappearing as landlords opt to demolish older … Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board · Los Angeles Housing Department · San … HUD handles complaints about housing discrimination, bad landlords in federal LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today took another step toward curbing L.A.’s housing affordability crisis, signing into law the Tenant Buyout Ordinance — a

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